Do you enjoy taking pictures and have a digital camera? Point your camera this way and join the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee photography team. Bring your own camera and help document the neighborhood.

Building research

Do you like international espionage and jumping from airplanes? Yes? Well then stop reading, because the building research committee is for folks who like history, building history, and categorizing styles of architecture. This involves reviewing the extensive building research we have and cross-referencing it with the current conditions of buildings. You've got to dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s - this is a committee well suited for the perfectionists and detail-minded among us.

Community outreach

Do you like talking to your neighbors? Do you want to help spread the word about preservation and rally support for landmarking? Then community outreach is for you! Bring your megaphone (no, not really. Don't bring a megaphone.).